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THU, 9 JUL 2020 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  SAT, 2 JUL 2016 18:33

Socialist International officially supports the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces and their right to self-determination

During the second day of the Socialist International concerned in Geneva where a Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation led by Hemin Hawrami is participating at, delegates formally recognised Kurdish proposals in their rights to self-determination.

The Head of KDP's Foreign Relations Office Hemin Hawrami delivered a speech in which he referred to the key role of the heroic Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan in countering terrorism and stressed that the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces are the only effective force in tackling terrorism on behalf of the free world.

Mr Hawrami requested additional support from international allies for the Kurdistan Region to as they prepare a referendum on Kurdish statehood and to build a new formula for living in the region, stressing that Kurdistan is an oasis of stability in the region and the world and will become more stable.

The meeting of the Socialist International began on 1 July at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.

For two days, delegates discussions were focusing on three main themes: ‘Strengthening the political and humanitarian response to current international crises’, ‘Defending and securing democracy: supporting the struggle for rights and freedoms where they are under threat’, and ‘The need for an economy that works for all - defeating inequality in the world economy.

The Council meeting includes the participation of political leaders, parliamentarians, office holders from SI member parties from all continents, and other high level participants.

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