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TUE, 29 SEP 2020 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  WED, 22 JAN 2020 13:18

KRG's Council of Ministers Approves Reforms to Taxation System

Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday reforms to the taxation system of the autonomous region.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani chaired a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, during which officials "reviewed an internal pilot project tasked with developing a new legal and auditing framework," according to the readout of the meeting. "The framework updates current auditing practices and increases the transparency of the taxation system."

The press release added that PM Barzani reiterated his cabinet's commitment to "an ambitious reform" in the Kurdistan Region which would guarantee the fulfillment of the system and provide the government with an enhanced enforcement tools.

"The cabinet also approved a project designed to improve monitoring and auditing of government and private sector budgets, the facilitation of which will be supported by the Ministry of Finance and Economy," the statement said.

The Kurdish premier additionally urged everyone to work together in order that public property and government vehicles are used in the best interest of the people of Kurdistan Region.

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