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TUE, 26 JAN 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  MON, 23 NOV 2020 16:07

Clarification from the official spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party on the election of Baba Sheikh of the Yazidis

Based on our belief on national, religious and sectarian rights and freedoms, we have regarded that it is our duty to always strive to consolidate and strengthen this approach. Therefore, the Kurdistan Democratic Party works to ensure that our approach and believes are reflected in the programs, plans, and the management and governance of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq as well.

We have proven this during the drafting of the Iraqi Constitution, as well as the preparation of the draft constitution for the Kurdistan Region, and we consider ourselves the true defenders of the rights and freedoms of all components of Kurdistan. From this standpoint, we sought and worked to ensure that the Yazidi Kurdish citizens, as an essential part of our nation, have full freedom in terms of intellectual, ideological and religious terms, decrees and procedures for selecting and appointing social and religious positions and portfolios, and not to interfere in their affairs in any way.

Unfortunately, Mir Tahsin Beg passed away recently followed by Baba Sheikh returning to the mercy of God. The tradition among the Yazidis is that the Mir is chosen to succeed the late Mir among the Mir family of the Yazidis, and this has been done. The Mir consults with the Spiritual Council of the Yazidis to choose Baba Sheikh, and that is what has also been done.

In addition to offering warm congratulations to the Yazidi sisters and brothers, we declare that in these difficult circumstances more than any other time, the Yazidi citizens need unity and cohesion. Especially after the tragic events of Shingal, where ISIS conducted what was in their brutal, terrorist and rotten minds against women, men, children and property of the brave Yazidi sisters and brothers in Shingal. On the other hand, the people of Shingal, with the cooperation and support of their Kurdistani compatriots and the men of Mount Shingal, restored their pride and humiliated the brutal ISIS and denigrated them. Although some people and parties tried to mislead and distort the course of that great victory, but they did not succeed in their endeavor.

After the Yazidis have chosen Baba Sheikh to succeed the late Baba Sheikh according to the traditions and norms in the Yazidi religion, the same factions that tried to cut Shingal from Kurdistan and obtain legitimacy through the people of Shingal (although they did not achieve anything except causing harm) are seeking to sow the seeds of discrimination between the people of Shingal. They seek to question the integrity of the process of choosing Baba Sheikh by the Yazidi sisters and brothers, with the aim of creating division between the members of the Yazidi community and achieving their political goals and fulfil their inferiority complex towards the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

From here we announce to all the steadfast Shingalis, in particular, and to the citizens of Kurdistan in general, that we in the Kurdistan Democratic Party have nothing to do with how the positions of social and religious portfolios of the Yazidi sisters and brothers were chosen. We have not interfered in that at all, but we respect the outcome of the meeting on choosing Baba Sheikh and the decisions of that meeting, and we wish them success and good luck.

In addition, we are reassured and confident that the Shingalis are above the hate conspiracies and more understanding and rational than that of strange groups who seek to plant discord and differentiate between them and interfere with their privacy. The people of Shingal have precedents in cutting off the conspirators and preserve their unity.


Mahmoud Mohammed
Official spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party 

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