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WED, 22 SEP 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  SAT, 24 JUL 2021 12:43

Coalition Base in NE Erbil Attacked with Bomb-Laden Drone: Official

 An explosive-laden drone on Saturday targeted a military base in northwest of Erbil where the US-led Global Coalition forces are stationed, an official confirmed.

“An unmanned aerial system impacted a coalition base in Kurdistan,” Colonel Wayne Morotto, a spokesperson for the Coalition said in a statement, as cited by Kurdistan 24.

The attack caused no casualties or damages, he added without providing further details on the exact location impacted by the attack.

No group or organization has officially claimed responsibility for the attack. However, social media channels associated with the Iran-backed Shia militias celebrated the attack and said the US forces will not be safe until they will leave Iraq.

In the recent attacks in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the use of drones has caused great concerns among the countries who have forces on the ground in Iraq as part of the international efforts to defeat the Islamic State (IS).

The security authorities of the Kurdistan Region are yet to comment on today’s attack

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