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WED, 22 SEP 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  FRI, 23 JUL 2021 12:48

Three Yezidi Mass Graves Destroyed in Sinjar: Mayor

Mayor of Sinjar said three mass graves of Kurdish Yezidi victims of the Islamic State (IS) genocide have been destroyed.

Mayor Khalil criticized the delay in the exhumation process of the mass graves which are evidences to the genocide of the Yezidis at the hand of IS.

According to the official, delaying the exhumation process would only put the mass graves at greater risks, if not by hostile parties, by natural incidents.

He said the Iraqi armed forces caused serious damage to a mass grave near Sinjar, while another was burned by unknown perpetrators and the third mass grave was damaged by flood.

The mayor of Sinjar also blamed the Iraqi government for neglecting the Yezidi region while regional disputes and the presence of multiple armed factions add to the struggle of the people in the area.

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