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FRI, 5 MAR 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  TUE, 25 APR 2017 15:41

Ministry of Peshmerga condemning Turkish bombardment on Sinjar.

In a Statement by the KRG-Ministry of Peshmerga on Tuesday condemning the Turkish airstrikes on Sinjar and accusing PKK presence in the area to be the direct cause of that assault in which five Peshmerga were killed and nine were wounded. The statement emphasized that Turkish attacks on Peshmerga forces are not accepted. The presence of the PKK in the area has been the direct source of hardships and misery for the people of Sinjar and wider Region. They have been urged on many occasions to abandon that area but with no avail.

Ministry of Peshmerga have once again called on PKK to leave Sinjar and refrain from their destructive activities in that region hoping to return normal live to the people of Sinjar.       

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