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MON, 30 NOV 2020 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  SAT, 17 OCT 2020 19:08

Statement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in relation to the militias attack on the KDP fifth branch in Baghdad and the desecration of the Kurdistan flag

In the morning of Saturday, 17th October 2020, a group of mischievous and misguided militias in stark contrast to the patriotic principles, irresponsibly, adversaries of democracy and freedom attacked the fifth branch of the KDP, disregarding patriotic values and coexistence. The office and the sacred flag of Kurdistan set ablaze. We strongly condemn this irresponsible act which was carried out against an office, whose sole task is to carry out political activities within the framework of the law, at the same time we warn those whom calling themselves (rab’a Allah) and their accomplices that their uncivilised action is fundamentally contrary to Islam and they are merely using the name of Islam as a cover up for their crimes. Their actions are dangerously jeopardising the entire political process in Iraq and posing a threat to the stability of Iraq and the peace in the communities at the same time, driving the governorship towards chasm.

We in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, condem these uncivilized actions and demand from the Federal Government to take rapid legal actions against those who were responsible. The group is known and they have identified themselves in a publication to be the perpetrators of this crime, similarly, we express our concern of the lack actions by those security forces assigned to protect our office. Unfortunately, they didn’t do their duty and didn’t hinder the advances of the mob. 


Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

October 17, 2020

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