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MON, 14 JUN 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  SAT, 8 MAY 2021 13:21

The Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party published a statement about the decision issued by the Court of Cassation in the Kurdistan Region.

Regarding the decision of the Court of Cassation on the file of several persons, unfortunately, we see reactions from some parties are far from observing the rule of law and the norms of the judicial authority. We believe it is necessary to respect judicial institutions and the rule of law. Interference in court affairs and politicizing issues does not serve the situation, and it is not a condition if the opinion of a political party is not taken in the process, or if that opinion does not reflect in ruling it does not mean that the court’s decision is unfair or incorrect. What happened in this case is clear, after the judicial and legal investigation by the legal and relevant authorities and based upon the availbale evidence, a number of people attempted to target and undermine the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region. Therefore, we believe that it is better to let the judicial institutions do their work and perform their duties, and to respect their role. If efforts go in this direction and the issue is politicized and exploited for electoral propaganda and misleading citizens, then we in the Kurdistan Democratic Party have a lot of issues to talk about. We hope that the approach and logic in protecting stability and security in the Kurdistan Region will be a priority and before any other endeavors. The Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party 8-5-2021

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