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MON, 14 JUN 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  MON, 10 MAY 2021 09:45

Japanese consul in Erbil visits Kurdistan Democratic Party Foreign Relations Office.

The new Japanese consul, Mr. Arakawa Mikihiro, visited the KDP's Foreign Relations Office in Pirmam. and was received by the head of the KDP Foreign Relations Office, Mr. Hoshyar Siwaily and office members. Mr. Siwaily welcomed the new consul, Mr. Arakawa Mikihiro's assignment to Kurdistan and congratulated him on his new mission and emphasized that the KDP's Foreign Relations Office will assist the new consul with any help it could offer within its capacity in the Kurdistan Region.

The head of the KDP's Foreign Relations Office spoke about the bilateral relations between Iraq and Japan and especially with Kurdistan and its support after the liberation of Iraq in 2003. Japan is a major player in the international community and Japanese contributions are highly appreciated. As a Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Humanitarian Aid and Cooperation in 2002 and later in 2006, as Minister of Electricity in the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Siwaily recalled the Japanese various efforts in rebuilding Iraq and Kurdistan.

The new consul of Japan and Mr. Siwaily also talked about the challenges of the upcoming Iraqi Parliamentary elections and the role of the KDP in the political life of Iraq and the Kurdistan region. Mr. Siwaily highlighted the long history of the KDP since its foundation in 1946 and its sacrifices for the rights of the people of Kurdistan. Concerning coalitions among political parties before and after the elections, Siwaily emphasized the importance of correcting the political process and putting an end to Iraq's widespread corruption. The KDP welcomes all coalitions as an important democratic principle and goes on to say that the KDP is in dialogue with key political actors in Iraq and leaves its door open for future collaboration.

Mr. Siwaily mentioned the positive dialogue between Mr. Kazimi's cabinet and Mr. Massrour Barzani’s cabinet, which eventually led to an agreement on Iraq's budget, and also mentioned the ISIS terrorist group, which continues to exploit the vacuum in areas defined by Iraq's constitution as disputed territories. They also talked about the political spectrums and the ideological tendencies of Kurdistani political parties and relations with the political international blocs.

Both sides agreed on the necessity of continuous contact and contribute within their capacities to build better relations between the Kurdistan Region and Japan for the best interests of both peoples.

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