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SUN, 25 JUL 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  TUE, 8 JUN 2021 15:22

This morning, another Peshmerga from Dohuk province was martyred by PKK militants, a Commander of the Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces said.

Major General Bahjat Selki told the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that the Peshmerga forces had gone to the border of Duhok province to establish a base, but PKK militants attacked them and a Peshmerga was martyred.

Selki said the Peshmerga who was martyred is from a Peshmerga brigade in Duhok and martyred in Darkari district of Zakho province.

A few days ago, the PKK attacked Peshmerga forces in Matin Mountain, killing five Peshmerga and injuring several other Peshmerga.

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