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SUN, 20 AUG 2017 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
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Kurdistan's independence, peace and coexistence are among the goals of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

SUNDAY, 20 AUGUST 2017 13:08:05

On the sixteenth of August and the 71st anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, I extend my warmest greetings and congratulations to the cadres, members and supporters of the party

A delegation from KDP-FRO visited Japan

SUNDAY, 13 AUGUST 2017 11:08:11

A KDP-FRO delegation headed by Hoshyar Siwaily visited Japan and met the Foreign Office and the Japanese political parties. During the first meeting which was on 3rd August, the delegation met with Mr MORYAMA HASHI, the Head of Liberal Democrat’s international Department and a member of the Japanese Parliament who was also appointed as the Head of the Party’s block in Parliament during the recent reshuffle. The second meeting was with Mr MOTOHIRO OONO, the Deputy Secretary of the Democratic party of Japan, a member of parliament. and the Head of the Party’s International Department. The delegation also visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and met with Mr Katsuhiko Takahashi, Deputy Director General of Middle East and African Affairs Bureau.  Mr Takahashi, who has visited Kurdistan, invited the delegation for dinner during which more discussions followed.

The New US Deputy Consul General Steven Gillen visits the KDP’s Foreign Relations Office in Pirman

SUNDAY, 30 JULY 2017 13:07:09

The New US Deputy Consul General Steven Gillen heading a delegation from the US Consulate General in Erbil, accompanied by Steven Feinberg, Division Chief of Iraq, Iran and Arabian Peninsula Affairs at the State Department visited the KDP’s FRO

Kurdistan Democratic Party delegation visited General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Erbil

WEDNESDAY, 19 JULY 2017 19:07:42

Tuesday the 18th of July a delegation from the KDP's foreign relations office led by Mr. Hoshyar Siwaily head of the office and both office members Mr. Latao B. Khalid and Mr. Nuri Fakher visited Turkish consulate general in Erbil, and they were received by the consul general Mr. Mehmet Akif Inam. At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Siwaily congratulated the Turkish government and its people on the occasion of the first anniversary of their victory over the failed coup attempt on 15th of July last year. The meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere while both side expressed their views towards the forthcoming referendum on 25th of September this year. Furthermore, they have discussed the bilateral relations between the KRG and Turkey as well as the general political situation in detail. 

Kurdistan Democratic party's speech at Social International council Meeting In New York United Nations headquarters

WEDNESDAY, 12 JULY 2017 13:07:05

An independent Kurdistan will close this sad chapter and open a chapter of development respect for human rights and strengthening democracy. 

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