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TUE, 24 APR 2018 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
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The United States of America builds a compound for its Consulate General in Erbil

TUESDAY, 24 APRIL 2018 13:04:09
PM Nechirvan Barzani "the relations between the US and the Region are not new. They go back to 1991 when the US played a leading role in the adoption of the UN Resolution to create the Safe Heaven. During the overthrow of the Baath Regime and the fight against ISIS, the United States had constructive relations with Kurdistan Region."
Kurdistan Democratic Party's manifesto for the upcoming elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 2018:

THURSDAY, 19 APRIL 2018 16:04:49

The implementation of all articles of the Constitution, and adherence to its provisions and content formulated according to the criteria of partnership, power sharing, balance and compatibility, is the only permanent guarantee of the optional unity of the country and sovereignty of Iraq.

Kurdistan Democratic Party joins the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II birthday

THURSDAY, 19 APRIL 2018 15:04:40

Head of the Foreign Relations Office of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Mr. Hoshyar Siwaily and office members participated in the happy occasion of the birthday celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the British National Day in Erbil. 

President Masoud Barzani congratulating Yazidi Kurds, on the occasion of Chwarshamba Sur.

WEDNESDAY, 18 APRIL 2018 14:04:15

Hope that this year's festival will be a new page to overcome the difficulties, and end the pain and sorrow, and we can celebrate the religious events in the light of brotherhood and stability.

Fadhil Mirani Secretary of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Political Bureau in an interview with the Voice of America

SATURDAY, 14 APRIL 2018 20:04:34

In response to a question on whether KDP will come up with any initiative to reconvene meetings between the political parties, . If these parties intend to exclude us from the process, they will not succeed. Each side gets what it deserves in an electionFadhil Mirani said (President Barzani called on all the political parties to form a political front with no positive response to this initiative. Nobody sacrifices his daughter for the sake of other people’s son

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