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FRI, 13 DEC 2019 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)

Vision and Mission

Kurdistan Democratic Party's Foreign Relations Office


It is a Department of the Political Bureau, responsible for all International and Regional relations with political parties, MPs, opinion makers and any other national or international organizations to enhance the potential of Kurdistan Region. The office is responsible for representing party in all overseas conventions and events. Furthermore, the office arrange and plan all political meetings for KDP’s leadership with other political parties, diplomats, foreign media and journalists.Kurdistan Democratic Party's Foreign Relations Office.



Selected Articles
The Consul General of the Republic of Turkey visited the Office of Kurdistan Democratic Party’s Foreign Relations.

The Consul General emphasised that Turkey has no animosity towards the Kurds and their military operation in North Syria is to protect their country.
Prime Minister Masrour Barzani's Speech Marking Cabinet's First 100 Days in Office

my government will not mistake that patience for a willingness to accept something less than you deserve. You deserve a government that is professional and efficient, and you deserve a government that serves you.
Kurdistan Region Presidency’s Statement on Use of Violence Against Iraqi Protestors

Killing of civilian protesters on Sinak Bridge and Khillani square in Baghdad is a wanton crime and criminals, regardless of their affiliation, must be identified by relevant Iraqi authorities and face justice.