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SUN, 28 NOV 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)

The Party''s Goals

The Party’s Goals

·        The National Goals

1.    Strengthening fraternal relations, solidarity and cooperation with other parties, democratic and peace loving organizations and Kurdish Diaspora to achieve the legitimate Kurdish national aspirations. It also endeavors to promote the culture of dialogue and tolerance within the Kurdish home and prohibit violence.

2.     Striving to politically internationalize the Kurdish issue inside the international and regional organizations, and to acquire an observer status for the Kurdish liberation movement inside these organizations so that it defends the legitimate national and patriotic rights of the Kurdish people.

3.      Returning all the detached areas to Kurdistan Region in accordance with the provisions of Article 140 of the constitution of Federal Iraq and to establish the borders of the Region on this basis.

4.       Defending the rights of all the Kurds residing in other parts of Iraq as an integral part of the Kurdish Nation and to promote and sustain social and cultural ties with them.


·        The Patriotic Goals

1. Striving to build a civil society governed by law and equal opportunities in which all the constituents of the society coexist under a fair, transparent and patriotic authority. A society in which political pluralism and peaceful transfer of power be implemented.

2. Establishing the federal parliamentary democratic system in Iraq in such a way as to guarantee the Iraqis the right to full citizenship, and to preserve Iraq's international status and guarantee its independence and sovereignty.

3. Preserving and developing the national, political, economic and cultural achievements which were achieved through a historic struggle that was in essence the fruit of the blood of our martyrs and the sacrifices of our people and they were a manifestation of a strong free will.

4. Consolidating and strengthening national unity in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and working to find appropriate solutions to resolve the outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government according to the Constitution.

5. Developing the federal parliamentary system and ensuring the participation of all components of the Iraqi people in the constitutional institutions.

6. Ensuring the participation of the people of Kurdistan in the political decision-making process in Iraq through the participation in the institutions of the federal government.

7. Respecting the federal constitution through the implementation of its articles and viewing it as a direct expression of the will of the people of Iraq and as a guarantor to the preservation of the unity of the people and territory of Iraq.

8. Guaranteeing the national, cultural and administrative rights of Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians and Armenians.

9. Guaranteeing the rights of every religious and sectarian component in the Kurdistan Region to practice its religious rituals and establish religious councils to organize, and develop its cultural and social affairs.

10. Establishing relations with the parties operating in Kurdistan and Iraq, which believe in the Constitution, democracy, human rights, federalism and national brotherhood, and recognize the right of the Kurdish people to Self-determination.

11. Establishing the principles of coexistence and the spirit of tolerance among all the national, religious and sectarian components of the people.

12. Encouraging Iraq to respect its international obligations and the implementation of all international conventions and treaties, especially those relating to human and minority rights and the right to self-determination.

·        The Regional and International Goals


1.     Strengthening friendly relations between the Region and neighboring countries on the bases of the principle of mutual interests, mutual respect, good neighborhood, none interference in each other’s  internal affairs and peaceful solutions to the problems in accordance with the principles of international  law.

2.     Adhering to the objectives and of the United Nations and respecting all international treaties and conventions that do not contradict the interests of the people of Kurdistan.

3.     Supporting the efforts of friendly countries and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, to contribute to the advancement of the political, economic and cultural aspects of the Kurdistan Region and solve their problems by peaceful means and in a just manner.

4. To carry out an international campaign to encourage States and international organizations (UN in particular) to defend those peoples who are the victims of international crimes and to support their efforts for their political independence, economic, social and cultural development.

5. Strengthening relations of friendship and cooperation with peoples, parties, personalities and non-governmental organizations that support the people of Kurdistan.

6. Supporting and strengthening the diplomatic relations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) through opening of KRG representations in various countries of the world in accordance with the provisions of the current constitution of Iraq and creating favorable environment for these countries to open consulates in Kurdistan Region to strengthen bilateral relations in various areas.

7. Acquiring the observer status for the Kurdish liberation movement in the United Nations and its specialized agencies to ensure the right of the Kurdish people to live in peace and without experiencing persecution and genocide again.

8. Documenting and developing the region's relations with international organizations, especially the United Nations, and finding appropriate mechanisms and formulas to ensure the participation of regional representatives in conferences, international organizations, United Nations bodies and specialized agencies.

9. Working on activating the party's organs abroad and supporting them financially and morally in order to:

·        Establish the best relations with the parties operating in those countries, especially those parties that believe in democracy and human rights and recognize the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination,

·        Give more attention to party members and supporters abroad

·        Play a constructive role in assisting the KRG representations abroad to strengthen Kurdistan Region’s relations and to provide humanitarian and administrative assistance to Kurdish Diaspora and the region’s citizens abroad.

Selected Articles
Shingal is a deep wound to the people of Kurdistan. What ISIS terrorists did seven years ago against our Yazidi brothers and sister is a pain that will never be forgotten.

The crimes committed by ISIS in the Shingal area were the extension of the series of genocides, massacres and crimes committed against the Kurdistani people throughout history.
Mahmoud Muhammad, the member of Kurdistan Democratic Party Polit Bureau and the head of Cultural and Media institute (KDP-CMI). Welcomed The Japanese Consul Mr. Arakawa Mikihiro.

At the meeting both side emphasized on the desire to resolve outstanding issues between Iraqi parties in general and Kurdistan Region particularly via dialogue.

President Masoud Barzani; consider it necessary to extend my thanks to the masses of Erbil, Harir, and Soran who took part in those dark days with a spirit of Kurdish brotherhood and masculinity and sympathized with and helped the Barzanis

That crime committed against the Barzanis, and all the crimes committed against the people of Kurdistan were because they were Kurds defending freedom.