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FRI, 5 MAR 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)

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Selected Articles
President Masoud Barzani's Message on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Uprising

The aim of the uprising was to restore and regain the land and rights of the people of Kurdistan, which have been taken by power and fire for a long time that shows that Kurdistani people no longer accept the status quo.
A statement by the Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in the Kurdistan Region

We reassure our beloved citizens that the security forces in the Kurdistan Region will continue to carry out their duties with dedication to maintain the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region.

Ambassador Stephen Hickey has stressed on the importance of implementing the deal between Erbil and Baghdad aimed at normalizing the situation in Sinjar.

United Kingdon "We continue to encourage Federal government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional govermant to work together in harmony to resolve these problems and outstanding issues.